Financial Five - Series 20 | Next Level Education
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Financial Five – Series 20

Financial Five – Series 20

  1. Wisdom is prevention; Wisdom ain’t heroism; Wisdom is staying invested & doing nothing.
  2. Investing is about your goals, your life, your journey. Focus and never allow your mind to get distracted by the journey of other
  3. Give me the serenity to accept markets as they are, to change my ways of investing & wisdom to comprehend the power of compoundin
  4. Risk in investment are like speed breakers on a road. Both have to be negotiated but cannot be avoided.
  5. Personal Finance is a way to use uncertainty and patterns to reach our goals.
  6. A person goes to a doc & chemist to solve an urgent problem whereas Financial problems are never urgent in nature.

Dharmendra Satapathy

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