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He had Rs 10 lac lump sum and was capable of 1 lac as SIP.He was to invest for 15 years. All was planned and decided.But like 98% people, he delayed first by one year and then by another.

Then his Financial Advisor who also happened to be his sister yelled at him that he had already lost Rs 2.2 cr due to his laziness.He did not realize what hit him. His entire body jerked and he felt shaken like he had never before and started his investment immediately.Because it was his sister, she could scream at him. What about the others???Every Financial Advisor cannot yell at you or shake you from your slumber.At the end of the day he has a business to do and a house to run. He needs to be polite and courteous.Please take the polite and courteous advice of your Financial Advisor as a jolt and wake up from your slumber.Delay is the only roadblock you encounter in the financial planning journey of your life.
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