7 Qualities of a Great Financial Advisor

7 Qualities of a Great Financial Advisor

A GREAT FINANCIAL ADVISOR needs to have the following :-

1) Knowledge of investment and financial markets. However this knowledge is not for transmission purpose to transform the same into simple wisdom which makes complete sense to the client.

2) A client-centric approach to financial advising. “Returns” mean nothing unless it meets financial goals. Prioritising the real value is essential to communicate.

3)Asking the right questions and truly listening to the client’s responses. All the solutions lie within the problems which can be understood by asking and listening. This calls for taking a genuine interest in clients’ lives and a passion to become an integral part of a client’s family fabric

4) An eye for unearthing insights about the client and ability to construct challenges linked to such insight.

5) A burning desire to solve client problems whether it converts into revenue or not.

6) The ability to identify emotional issues and then help client remove emotion from the financial decision-making process. Falling in love with real estate is an emotional issue for most people. It is the duty of an advisor to explain the financial implications of this real estate romance

7) Producing the right results for clients in the form of designing a beautiful investment journey taking the client to the right destination.

  • ArthikDisha
    Posted at 09:26h, 28 May Reply

    Excellent post. There is no doubt about that.But Sir, I also think that a Financial advisor should have the ability to restore client’s confidence to the financial plan he chalked out. In India the the financial literacy is so low that everyone looks a financial planner in suspicious mode.This perception should be changed.

    • Dharmendra Satapathy
      Posted at 14:47h, 28 May Reply

      Yes of course.

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