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A New Year’s Message

2017 is here. 2016 is over……

Let’s see what this year brings. We believe that much good awaits us this year; let it be so and let us be right.

NextLevelAmbitionEducation wishes all its patrons, members, posters, partners and dependents a very, very happy new year, with a further wish for our ongoing success.

What is success? Success, primarily, is to be at peace with yourself; to be accountable to yourself for your actions; it is to be one with life. This is very important for us to remember, as Investors, whence we seek success in our life’s goals, and choices, all in subset of our prosperity and security. So, let’s remember a few things for this year; and these are things that will hold us in good stead.

Be Patient

Patience is Virtue. Impatience is not. As an Investor, we are not permitted the luxury of impatience. We are often not permitted the luxury of patience, either. But that has more to do with our own expectations; and more often than not, with human fear and greed. The ideal investor is neither impatient; nor greedy. He is brave in the face of oncoming storms; and he smiles when the storm dwindles into a harmless little breeze. Many run from the storm and fall into a wayside ditch. Many run into the storm, and are blown away. But we, safe in our knowledge, stay indoors, safe in the homes we have built with our patient knowledge; and when the storm passes, we come out to bask in a new sunlight in clear blue skies. An Investor must have patience. The virtue of patience is the very basis of success in investing.

Wealth Creation is a Long-Term-Goal

Wealth creation is not a short term goal. It is a lifetime goal. Those who spend a lifetime growing their wealth, steadily, patiently and without greed, are true investors. The rest are speculators. The market is a Temple of Opportunities; not a Casino for Speculations. Do not speculate. Rather, learn to Invest. Investing is a brave act. Speculation is mistaken to be bravery. It is not.

Here’s are two Films for you to watch.


The Importance of a Financial Advisor

If your investment journey is that of an airplane, the Financial Advisor is the pilot of that airplane. His job is that of a pilot. Your job is to be a good passenger. Sit down comfortable; wear your seatbelt, and let your pilot do the job. You are not the pilot. Do not try and fly the airplane. IN whatever investment that you desire, it is your financial advisor who hold key on how you should go about it; or whether you should do it at all. Listen to him or her, for the financial advisor is a trained professional to measure and know the markets inside-and-out. He or she is the only one who can guide you effectively. On the other hand, self advised Investing activities tend to be risky and haphazard. These will lead to eventual failure and catastrophic loss to you. To illustrate our point, here’s a film below.

Simplicity in Investing

Do not complicate your portfolio. RAther, be happy with what you have, and spend your time, energy and resources in maintaining these. Often, diversifying too much will lead to confusion and losses. Avoid anything that is beyond your comfort or control. Keep things simple and straight. Do not convolute your portfolio with exotica. Exotica invariably fails. The known bears sweet fruits. Imagine Investing to your daily diet. After all the fast food available in so many places, which look so tempting, they are not healthy for you. The time tested diet is home-food. Stick to that. To illustrate our point, here’s a film below.

The Power of Compounding & The Regret of Five

Watch these 2 Films. They speak of the Power of Compounding, which is about how wealth compounds; and speaks of the Regret of Five in which how a five year delay in starting your investing can cause your wealth to drop by half.

We could post many other videos and content here. But we won’t. We want you to find out for yourselves as to what Investing is all about. Do visit us at; email us, call us. And have a wonderful year ahead.

By the NextLevelAmbition Team