About Us

Dharmendra Satapathy

Founder Director

Experience in Brand Building, Advertising, Media, PR, Knowledge Management.

Aim is to create content using different communication formats and tools for widespread financial literacy

Specialties: Leadership Skills, Content writing skills, Brand Management skills

A mechanical engineer, MBA Marketing, has worked in advertising for more than a decade and nearly a decade as Head Of Marketing in Tata Mutual Fund.

Without any formal education in finance he is credited with having created one of the most endearing financial education mascot of the financial services industry – ‘Professor Simply Simple’.

This creation helped several people understand finance in a simplistic manner like never before. He has also authored a book, ‘Simplifying Financial Jargons’, published by Network 18

Today he is the founder of Next Level Education, a financial education company which conducts more than 50 Good Life programmes per month.

He also conducts training worships for distributors in the area of presentation skills, communication skills, insight based selling, web tools, social media and a unique karaoke concept known as “Humming and Learning”.

He is an avid user of Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp since their inception and has several thousands of content units residing on these platforms.

He has several pages on Facebook and multiple blogs. He writes a new poem or meme or a short story daily.

Alpa Shah

Founder Director

Alpa Shah is Co-Founder and Director of Next Level Education Pvt. Ltd, a company focussed on financial literacy as one of its core objectives.

She has over two decades of rich and varied experience in the financial sector.

In the past she has worked with Tata Asset Management as Head of Worksite Solutions Division, where she was instrumental in blending investor education with execution by introducing first time investors to industry.

Alpa’s experience led to the setting up of Next Level Education, the aim was to spread financial literacy to a wider base and empower the society, especially youth and women.