Barsaati Mendhaks

Barsaati Mendhaks

Vinayak Sapre is a financial coach, who empowers both IFAs as well as retail investors, with the knowledge of successful investing habits and other values, that one should cultivate in one’s financial life. He has been writing regularly on various digital platforms, and has been consistently featured in both the print and electronic media, viz Dainik Bhaskar,Hindustan Times,Times of India,CNBC Awaaz, ABP Majha and India 24X7 to name a few, for this unique concept of ‘Learning from Kabir and Rahim.’

 With 17 years of experience in the financial world, 12 of which he has spent in various capacities with mutual funds, Vinayak Sapre has interacted with approximately 2000 IFAs, bankers and national distributors. Vinayak is also a trainer and mentor to IFAs and runs a firm called INSIGHTS.

“Stay away from Barsati Mendhaks” is a very interesting video from one of his recent talks . In this beautiful video he talks about invaluable learnings of Kabir and Rahim.

Here, we speak of our hard earned money, and why good financial advice remains the most invaluable thing to have.

Everybody is ready to dispense advice; but an astute investor needs to take such advice only from a professional, who has a clear understanding of things.

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