Client Connect

Client Connect

Connect your clients regularly. Form strong relationships.

Do you want to know what the biggest complaint clients give about their advisors?

It’s not fees (although they might make you think that), it’s not poor execution, oh no.

It’s a lack of communication.

If you are not actively communicating with your clients, don’t be surprised if they drop you.

It might be difficult for you to contact every single client too often.

In this case, you need to get rid of your lowest revenue producing clients.

Give them to someone else at your firm.

You should never have’more than 100 clients, and you should strive to focus your energy on these clients, because they deserve it.

Once you get to 100 clients, set higher account minimums and bring on a higher revenue-producing client.

Cover the bottom clients through training programs and workshops so that they too experience your contribution and stay satisfied in the hands of your team.


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