Hum kaale hain toh kya hua cricketwale hain
Although England invented the game of cricket they seem to have lost the plot.

They have never won the world cup or any big tournament even though they host many of these tournaments.

England has very little sunshine and mostly inclement weather throughout the year.

Cricket or for that matter any outdoor sports requires a lot of practice.

Perhaps, England had planned India as the colony with all the Sun for practicing and training.

But alas that was not to be.

They left us alone and we made a lagaan team that is now turned the tables on our erstwhile masters by taxing them on the cricket field.

No wonder all Asian teams who were their slaves are left to contest the CHAMPIONS TROPHY.

The clear message from this is the need to practice, practice and practice in a conducive environment.

Now did you get your investment lesson. If not, read on.

In investments too, wealth championship can be won by SIP, SIP, SIP in a conducive economic environment.

Yet again, India seems to be offering the environment where you can win big time by SIP, SIP and SIP.

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