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Direct Investing Yet to Take Off in a Big Way

Direct Investing Yet to Take Off in a Big Way

Direct Investing Yet to Take Off in a Big Way

Three years since the introduction of the concept, (through which an invests directly with a fund house without going through a distributor) is yet to take off in a big way, particularly in smaller cities. Only three per cent of individual (MF) assets from the so-called beyond 15 cities (B15) come through this mode. In the top 15 cities (T15), over a tenth of the assets has come through the direct route. An can save 70-100 basis points by investing through the direct route and these savings can become sizable chunk over a period.

Following a Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) directive, all MF houses are providing the option of direct investments in their schemes. SEBI, which has taken several measures in the past to bring down costs for MF investors, has frowned upon the low penetration of direct investing. Sector players say lack of awareness makes MF a ‘push product’ and, hence, distributors and advisors have a big role in bringing these to investors. As a result, 86% of MF assets have come through distributors. has made slow progress but market observers say the concept will gain prominence as investors become more aware.

Notably, the assets under management (AUM) of individual investors have increased by 26.5 per cent to Rs 7.5 Lac Crores in the past year. Institutional investors’ has increased 28.6% to Rs 9 Lac Crores. Overall, at the end of September stood at Rs 16.5 Lac Crores.

The Main Article is to be Found in Business Standard, India. 

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