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Dr Advisor

The market is like the engine of a car or the operation theatre of a hospital.

The customer prefers the engine covered by the bonnet. The engineer may love his engine, the carburetor, the spark plug, the crank shaft and the heart of the car; the engine.

Likewise the doctor may love his OT with the huge lights, the knives, scalpel, oxygen cylinders and the works but the patient’s family like to stand outside the closed OT as the doctor performs his skillful role inside.

The same is the philosophy when it comes to stock markets. It is important for client’s to focus on their goals and monitor their journey than open up the bonnet and peek into the markets from time to time.

The Financial Advisor is like the doctor in the OT or the Engineer who loves the world under the bonnet. Let markets best be handled by them and let the investor look at the world above the bonnet ; goals, dreams and aspirations

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