Financial Five

Financial Five – Series 4

Investment is difficult because we make strategies based on past performance but lose conviction in the future performance

[ordered_list]1. The media will keep diverting you till you lose your way. A Financial Advisor will converge your resources towards your goals

2.Investments are subject to MEDIA risk. Media spreads negativity which hinders investment behaviour 

3. EMI is an “Extremely Mean Idea”. It takes away precious time that could have been otherwise used for creating wealth

4.We talk of ancient India of riches and prosperity in our history books. The Next Generation will talk about “today’s India” as another golden period. Instead of gold, ornaments and real estate gift a little bit of today’s India to the next generation by passing on your MF investments

5. SIP – Is a small window into a large and prospering economy. Open the window and breathe prosperity


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