Some investing thoughts. Would love to have your opinion.

1) Don’t overthink about which fund to invest in. Nobody in the world can tell which fund will be top of the chart after a decade. But the educated can certainly say with conviction that over the long term equity asset class will perform well

2)Calm down and forget about any short term lost opportunity. The long term will reward you well

3) Don’t complicate investing. Keep it simple. SIP in a diversified fund is simple enough with great long term potential to do well

4) Be sincere with your investment commitment. Be disciplined and all will be well.

5)Learn to let go. Investing will have mixed experiences. In the long term the good will win over the bad.

6) Enjoy small things like the ability to have a simple portfolio and the ability to manage your behaviour well

7) Be yourself. Don’t try to copy others. Take advice in keeping with your goals and that will make your journey go down well

8 ) Fall in love with your goals and keep loving the journey. All is well

9) Be happy with the opportunity India is offering you in investing. Invest well


I want like this example, for understanding my investors. What is mutual funds, and how to invest for better tomorrow.

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