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Some Investment Principles drawn from Gandhian Philosophy.

Happy Gandhi Jayanti

1) Wealth is but the product of a man’s behaviour.

2) Change your asset allocation to see the change you want to see in your wealth

3)The weak can never be wealthy. Investing is an attribute of the strong that takes them on to the path of wealth creation.

4) I will not make any journalist walk through my mind with their dirty thoughts on investing

5) Wealth does not come from intellectual capacity. It comes from indomitable will power. The ability to stay invested despite the surrounding volatility

6) An ounce of patience is worth more than a tonne of preaching. Just be calm when others are not.

7)Change your behaviour with changing markets to stay in control

8)See the good in volatility and make volatility work for you

9) Without action you aren’t going anywhere. Take action, invest more, reallocate your assets.

10) Take care of this moment. This is the moment that will make you wealthy

11) Be authentic, be your true self. Don’t get influenced by others. Everyone is a slave of his or her fear and greed.

12)Continue to grow and evolve by showing patience, knowledge and conviction.

13) A “no” uttered with deepest conviction is better than a “Yes” uttered merely to please. Say “no” to redemption

14) Glory lies in the investment journey ; the path to wealth creation. Enjoy the journey; the plains, the hills, the slopes, the ascent and the decent.

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