Ricky Ponting said that while batting, he never visualised any of the fielders around him. Instead be visualised the gaps around him.

A Financial Advisor too has many obstacles in his business; taxes, regulations, disclosures, reduced margins. These are all the obstacles that can slow down business. 

So, one would do well to rather focus on the gaps like Ponting did.

Remember we have lot many people who are either “not invested” or “wrongly invested”. These are the opportunities or gaps in the language of Ricky Ponting. As advisors, let’s focus on gaps such as:-

1) A large number of potential customers; India being the youngest nation in the world. This is huge business potential that can be harnessed using education and technology.

2) The opportunity of educating and getting blessed in the process. Educating people is a social service that provides immense intangible returns and good will and of course business as well.

3) The opportunity of mobilising money for the economy and contributing significantly to nation building.

So, again, focus on the gaps. This is an important lesson. 

Author: Dharmendra Satapathy at NextLevel-Education

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