Get familiar with the unfamiliar

When we see something unfamiliar we tend to stay away from it like how a lot of people still stay away from Social Media.

There was a time when computers too were unfamiliar. Can you imagine our plight had we chosen to stay away from it.

There was a time when One Day cricket was unfamiliar and later T-20 cricket was unfamiliar.

That which was unfamiliar, today has become mainstream. The man who would have chosen to stay away from it, would have certainly become extinct.

Likewise, for many people today mutual funds, SIP, Equity are all unfamiar whereas FD, Gold and real estate are all familiar.

So these people tend to gravitate towards the familiar and keep at bay the unfamiliar SIP, Mutual Funds and Equity Investing.

Can you even imagine how one would survive in today’s world let alone succeed with having computer knowledge.

This will be exactly the case with investors who avoid equity investing a few years down the road.

The only difference being, one can learn computers at any age but in investing if time passes by so does the opportunity and they will stare at extinction.

If one does​ not understand this unfamiliar asset class, then please don’t ignore. Talk to a Financial Advisor to get educated.

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