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Goal Orientated. Not ‘Others Oriented…’

Heard a talk of Aamir Khan where he made a great observation. We put huge emphasis on our children’s standing “first” in every walk of life.

By the time the children are of 21, they becomes selfish and think only about themselves and not about others because we have brainwashed them to “put others behind”.

This is indeed a sad state of affairs and leads to a degenerating society.

Likewise as investors, we always want to invest in the best fund, the number one fund although theoretically and practically this is not possible.

As investors we are also in the habit of looking at what others have made. This too isn’t in our control.

Always invest with your goals in mind and let your goals guide your path.

As long as you achieve your goals be happy with your investing.

There’s absolutely no point rueing over missed opportunities because in ‘investing” “past performance” does not throw light on the future path.

Acceptance that others may stay ahead of us never means “we will not achieve our goals”.

Dharmendra Satapathy

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