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Learn the art of communication

As a financial advisor, it is essential to learn the art of communication.

And who else to emulate than the great communicator, Warren Buffett.

Some of his timeless lessons are:-

1) Talk with simplicity. Keep it plain. Keep it simple. Don’t complicate. Don’t make it complex. Keep jargon at bay.

2) Be interesting and if possible be entertaining. These attributes engender emotions that enhance engagement and attention and make people happy. If you can make them smile, you will win them by a mile.

3) Try to project descriptive imagery that is understood by people. Remember that people can understand images better than listless and dry words that are incapable of throwing up a picture. Some words have image projection capabilities.Select the right words.

4) Be humble and unpretentious. Pride is the nemesis of every profession and every business.

4) Never ever speak over people’a heads. People hate looking and feeling stupid. Their typical refrain would be, “what he says just goes over my head. I cannot trust him with my money because I cannot understand what he would do with it.”

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