The Importance of Selfless Customer Service

The Importance of Selfless Customer Service

It was a stormy night. an elderly couple looking for a room for a night, came to Bellevue Hotel, Philadelphia. The young clerk at the desk informed the couple that all rooms of his hotel were booked and also that not a single hotel room was available that night in Philadelphia because of an international conference.

However, seeing their plight, he decided not to let them to go out in that bad weather. He, therefore, offered them his personal room. The couple were reluctant as that would cause great inconvenience to the young clerk. “Where are you going to sleep, young man, if you give your room to us?” asked the old man. “Oh, I am young and single. I can sleep at the reception area in the night. I insist that you accept my offer as I cannot let you go out in this storm. You may not even get a taxi in this kind of weather.” Having been left with no choice, the elderly couple accepted the young man’s offer and spent the night in his personal room.

Next morning, before leaving the hotel the old man after having expressed his gratitude offered a handsome reward to the young man. “Please don’t embarrass me with offer of money for my room. I didn’t give my room expecting any monetary compensation. I just wanted to be of some help to you.” The old man was really touched by the young man’s compassion as well as high sense of honesty. “You are really a good human being, my son! I thought God had stopped making people like you. What are you doing herein such a small hotel? A person like you should become the manager of the best hotel in the world.”

“I am quite happy working here in this small hotel and moreover, I don’t have skills to run anything bigger than this. However, thank you for your kind words and compliments.” said the clerk.

“Tell me, if I built some day the best hotel in the world, would you come and join me?” asked the old man with a cunning smile. The young man thought this as some kind of jovial gesture of an old man at an emotional moment. “Yes, if you built one, I will definitely join”, said the young man, wanting somehow to get rid of the old couple as he had to take up the pressing list of day’s work lying on his desk. “Good bye”, said the old man. “You would hear from me soon.” “Good bye”, replied the young clerk.

Three years passed, the young clerk was already promoted to become manager of the hotel. While going through his mail one day, he opened an envelope and found a return air ticket to New York, with an invitation letter to attend an inaugural function. However, not much details about why was he invited, were given.

The young man became curious and decided to go. Upon his arrival at New York, the young man was welcomed by his host who personally took him downtown. There, in front of him, lay the finest hotel he had ever seen.

“That,” said the gentleman, “is the hotel I built for you to manage.” While standing on the street corner beside the soon-to-be world-renowned WALDORF-ASTORIA HOTEL, the young clerk, GEORGE C. BOLDT, was titled its first manager.

For the next twenty three years, until his death in 1916, Boldt remained faithful to the hotel and to the confidence WILLIAM WALDORF ASTOR had placed in him.

The best rewards are an outcome of unflinching customer service. Financial Advisors who follow this path and focus on fostering their relationships will be rewarded from the most unexpected quarters.

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