About Kanak Kr Jain

Kanak Kr Jain

Kanak Kr Jain is a wealth coach, trainer and an author. In addition to being a Certified Financial Advisor. Besides his own immediate field of expertise as the Founder-CEO of a very successful SUSKAN, Kanak is a serious trainer himself and a consultant to many companies in his role of Master of Ceremonies for training oriented events.

Kanak is an enchanting and energetic speaker, and has conducted many inspirational, motivational, skills development and finance oriented training sessions for many reputed organizations and institutions. Due to his many hats he is much sought after and popular figure in the professional training arena.

Kanak has been working as a Wealth Planner for many years. But beyond financial planning, imparting financial literacy to the people has become his ultimate goal. Kanak is people-centered, believes in building leaders for tomorrow. He is a voracious reader himself, a strong proponent of physical fitness & listens to energy filled music. He is a lover of nature, arts and people above all. Training for him is a passion and a way of life. To put it in his own words; “My mission in life is to ensure growth of at least one human-being everyday through financial planning, literacy and education!”

Specialties: Sales Coaching, Training, Achiever , Executor(activator) , Developer, and Connector

The Volatility Game

Financial Freedom Fraternity Enrolment Form(For FFF University)Privilege to life members of FFF:

  1. License to conduct “ Volatility Game with Investors across India”
  2. Game Software, all power point presentation, videos and tools to conduct the Program.
  3. Participate in a full day Workshop to understand how to conduct “ The Volatility Game”
  4. Workshop content- Objection handling, Use of Technology, Public Speaking and Communication skills.
  5. Access to website www.volatilitygame.in with a user ID and password to get access to the network of all India Financial Freedom Fraternity and host of discussion and sharing.
  6. Invite to conduct IAP in your area by the AMC associated with Financial Freedom Fraternity.
  7. Invite your clients in different cities to attend the game and expand your reach to different cities.
  8. Become a part of the FFF programs during the year with a physical presence or web Nair with nil charges or nominal charges.
  9. Become a member of the FFF fraternity which will work towards the creation of financial freedom and awareness to the citizens of India at the macro level.
  10. Unique identification number to each member with membership card and profile on the website.
  11. Privilege to get the access to the innovation in Financial Freedom Fraternity in the form of Apps, books, Videos etc

About www.volatilitygame.inAdvisor to Advisor (A2A) Communication platformAdvisor to Client & Client to Advisor (A2C & C2A) interphase and communicationResource for all investor awareness material, articles, videos and calculators.Resource for interviews and words of wisdom from the stalwarts of Finance IndustryOne stop for all investor awareness related activities/learningDetails of all the programs on Volatility Game and other such programs across India. Registration can be done through this platform.Details with the profile of experts/members/trainers who are conducting programs across India.Platform to connect with all Asset Management Company of India.Platform for investors to connect with Advisors in his or her nearby localityplay the desktop version of the Volatility Game as many times as possible for advisor and investor (who are registered members). The same registration can be used to play the volatility game on mobile android and IOS application24Hrs Q&A discussion zone where investors can ask queries and get answers from Trainers and experts of Volatility Game across locationsInvestors can become a member by registering and Advisor can become a member by attending the workshops for FFF( Financial Freedom Fraternity). To become a life member licensed to conduct the program you have to pay the one-time requisite fee.This platform encourages every investor and advisor to suggest ideas, more tools, success stories, failure stories or activity for the benefit of all other membersTerms and Conditions-

  • Attend one day program of Financial Freedom Fraternity and appear for a viva test during the workshop
  • Fill up the form and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the enrolment. Pay Rs 10,000/- for the one-time membership. ( The membership fee will not remain same and will keep on increasing year after year) ( fee from 7th Jan 2018 is Rs 20,000 plus GST).
  • The membership fee is non-refundable.
  • No one other than the authorized license of the volatility Game can conduct the game. No one can train anyone to conduct the game other than the authorized train the trainer faculty ( TTT Faculty)
  • Payment to be made in favour of “ Subh Shree Commercial Company Ltd”

Mastering Communication For Influence Boot Camp

The mastering communication for influence program is a program that is designed to unpack your ideas, unleash your story and give you the framework needed to deliver your message powerfully. This is done through four main subjects

  • Positioning – Understanding your unique positioning through focusing on your disruptive idea.
  • Content – Uncovering your content and intellectual property that addresses problems and gives outstanding values.
  • Platform – Identifying which platform is best suited for your message and then communicating it through the right methodology.
  • Packaging – Understanding the new marketing frameworks to get your commercial message out into the world.

About – This three-day boot camp is an immersive and intensive program which is designed to give attendees an in-depth learning experience of the speaking industry and what it takes to become a good professional speaker. It takes a very hands on approach and gives practical tips to each participant to create, design and execute their own speaking business.Whether you are a professional that speaks at industry conferences and events or a thought leader who wants to position himself as an authority in the field or a person who is in transition and who wants to tell their story to the world and share the message to make money. The mastering communication boot camp will give you the tools and systems needed to fast track your message to the world in a commercially viable way.The three-day event unpacks in three main areasPositioningPlatformPackagingThe other key areas of the boot camp are

  • Understanding the strength to express appropriately.
  • Adding humour to your communications to make it more acceptable and meaningful.
  • Understanding communication through energy consciousness
  • Overcoming belief to transform oneself

Becoming a master storyteller