Key Questions 1

Key Questions 1

Questions that advisors should ask clients to unearth deeper insights and prepare a better plan for them.

1)  How do you make investment decisions?

The idea of this question is to figure out whether the client understands investing in the first place or is he like most a victim of greed and fear.

2) Can you recall your earliest memory of money and of investing?

Our first memories of money usually becomes the foundation of his thinking and beliefs. For example if one has seen scarcity in  childhood, he or she is likely to be extremely risk averse. Such information becomes extremely critical in managing the client. Remember every client like every patient is different. Knowing the difference is as important as knowing the similarities.

3) Do you like to hike or tour alone or go with a group?

This gives an idea about his mentality; whether he will have a tendency to follow the herd or go independent. Again this information helps the Advisor plan his course of action with the client; how much to work on behavior management.

More Questions to follow ………

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