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Learning About Investing From Demonetisation

When I see the reactions of the demonetisation drive, it gets clear why people don’t earn good returns. Reactions like “what has happened since demonetisation? What have we gained so far? How has the country made progress since demonetisation? I am only seeing queues and deaths of people who die of standing in queues.”

This is called the need for “instant gratification”.¬†We live in a world of instant food, instant coffee; basically people of this planet have turned impatient.

“Time” is the most precious commodity and every moment it slips out of our grasp. But “time” is the ingredient of success whether it is health or wealth. In the case of health, one has to exercise daily over the years to attain good heath.

Likewise in the case of wealth, one not only needs patience but also temperament. For wealth creation one has to invest money over long duration of time and in the course of the investment journey, one has to have the stomach for market volatility at regular intervals.

Without giving “time” it’s not possible to smell the success aroma.

Just 3 weeks into demonetisation and educated Indians are losing it. 60 years of Congress rule which built this large chest of black money does not seem to bother anyone.

This is because the impatient Indian also has a very “short memory” and political leaders have understood this and have been exploiting this short memory since time immemorial. For once we have a leader who is neither bothered about “impatience” or “short memory” because he is on a mission to cleanse the economy and cleanse the nation, once and for all.

The next time you see your account statement and don’t see the expected returns just ask yourself whether you have given it enough “TIME” for “TIME IS THE FOOD FOR INVESTMENT”.

Dharmendra at NextLevel-Education

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