Lessons From Unprecedented Times

Lessons From Unprecedented Times

12 Investment Lessons from these unprecedented times

1) When the house is on fire, the time is not appropriate to sell the furniture because all are headed out. Great time to just talk to your customer. It is a great time to connect and forge the relationship but not the most appropriate time to market your product

2) This too shall pass but hang on till it lasts.He who makes a difference while it lasts is an Advisor of class.

3) In the long term all will be fine. But what about the medium term, the short term. A good advisor understands all the terms

4) Till recently Equity investors believed they knew it all while the debt investor looked on. Look how tables have turned. The contra approach many times is a life saver

4) Great time to invest in Equity provided you had made sure that your client was sitting on enough debt

5) We need to also fight the virus of market news to be successful advisors. Not a single analyst could predict the impact of the virus despite the fact that all had more than a month to see what it was doing elsewhere. Let’s not just blame Trump or any other leader. Nobody got it right.

6) Social distancing with the investment is essential to make it compound. One should not “touch” the portfolio too often.Investors should stay quarantined and not step out of their investment. They need to display the same patience they are displaying in these times

7) This may be the best time to invest in Equity but this is the bestest time had you kept good amount of investment in Debt

8)Today’s mantra ; First ensure safety then procure equity. “Jaan hai toh Jahaan hai”.Fixed income hai toh Equity Wealth Banega

9) Those advising “best time to invest”, should first practice what they preach

10) It is such an irony that the entire world today is fighting against the power of compounding of the virus. We call this flattening the curve.

11) Without an Advisor you run the risk of flattening your wealth curve which should be avoided at all costs

12) Lastly the man who does not invest has no advantage over the man who cannot invest

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