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Life Lessons from investing

Investing itself is a great investment. Investing besides helping you create wealth does more.

Investing itself is a great investment. Investing besides helping you create wealth does more.

The process of investing is full of dividends.

  1. It teaches you to stay invested and never quit come hell or high water.
  2. It inculcates a sense of discipline. It forces you to save enough to keep the SIP ticking. Thus you learn to be disciplined, focused and dedicated in life.
  3. Investing keeps mental stress away and allows you the time to focus on your health. After all you has something to look forward to in the long term future and for that it is vital to keep your health in shape. The education discipline leant from investing when applied to your body enhances your health.
  4. Investing helps you to learn to make little sacrifices in the short term for a fruitful long term.
  5. Investing helps you to learn to deal with disappointments when markets correct and the NAVs slip albeit temporarily.
  6. Investing helps you to inculcate patience ; to keep investing despite setbacks for months and years together till markets eventually choose to reward you.
  7. Investing makes you to persevere till your goals are accomplished.
  8. Investing helps you to respect the Financial Advisor, Fund Manager and others because their collective skills and efforts makes your dream come true.
  9. Investing teaches that it takes years and years of effort and patience to create a champion wealth creator and that success does not come overnight.
  10. Investing helps you to manage small achievements like short term big returns and not get carried away by it in the interest of long term goals.
  11. Investing provides opportunities to cultivate life-long friendships with the Financial Advisor, create lifelong memories of downturns and upturns, and to be proud of your ultimate achievement of reaching your goals.
  12. Investing helps you to become a visionary goal oriented person instead of being short term oriented

…I could go on but, to be short, investing isn’t just about wealth creation;

It provides opportunities to develop attributes that will serve one well throughout your life and gives you the opportunity to bless the lives of others from your learning.

From what I have seen so far I think investing itself is a great investment!

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