Lockdown & Corona Lessons for Investors

1) Doing nothing is an important strategy to keep the virus away and keep your healthy. Doing nothing helps in wealth creation too.

2) Even if ‘Risk’ looms large just stay put. Even if market volatility troubles you, don’t react.Just stay put.

3) Self control and Resolve are the key to reach your goals (saiyyam and sankalp) of defeating the virus as well as poverty

4) Goal oriented approach helps to win the war of even if it may appear that you are losing a few battles like slowdown in income. Likewise in investing notional losses are the battles you lose and reaching your goal to war you win

5) You may be Rich but if you are Careless, Complacent and Over confident the Market will smash your ego and leave you in tatters

6) Always act before it is too late. Starting the lockdown early is perhaps the biggest lesson for controlling the spread of the virus. Start your investment journey early to control poverty

7) There is no reservation policy or discrimination whether it is the battle of health or wealth. Every community and Religion has Equal Opportunities to create wealth as well as catch the virus

8) Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world and provides huge gain in wealth creation but huge pain by virus creation

9) Breaking the Chain is the only way to stall the virus. In investing too breaking the chain of SIPs will stall wealth creation

10) Your immune system is the best protection against the virus. In wealth creation your immune system comprising of of Habits, Actions, Perseverance, Patience and Yearning for your goals (HAPPY) is best for wealth creatin and thereby protection against inflation

11) Jaan hai toh Jahaan hai. First focus on Safety, Liquidity and then on Returns

12) Politics is the biggest enemy during these times. Likewiswe Speculation is the biggest enemy of investing. Like Politics Keep Speculation at bay

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