Market क्या कहता है?

Market क्या कहता है?

Actually market says nothing to investors…मारकेट कुछ नहीं कहता है निवेशकों से

In the 1990s it seemed everyone was reaping huge profits by investing in dot com companies.

This got even ordinary people to borrow money against their home equity and they ended up investing over $44 billion in stocks.

Then when the NASDAQ shed half its value, people lost their investments and found themselves deeply in debt.

This kind of reasoning can be found at the root of any “market kya kehta hai” philosophy.

Instead of acting rationally, people get excited and let emotions guide their choices by listening to “market kya kehta hai”.

To close the gap, think beyond “market kya kehta hai” and remember surprising past events: the dot-com crash, the housing bubble, the 2008 debt crisis; how the innocent ignorant got punished on account of greed.

All these incidents highlight the importance of investing carefully, without getting caught up in “market kya kehta hai”.

  1. Market says nothing. Ignore the noise.
  2. Behaviour says everything. Manage your behaviour.
  3. You need an advisor to help you manage your behaviour because managing your own behaviour is easier said than done.
  4. Systematic investing, asset allocation, diversification are all optimisation strategies; these strategies make your investment journey less volatile and encourage you to remain invested.
  5. Investment should only and only be goal oriented, founded in conviction and nourished by patience.

Dharmendra Satapathy

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