Dharam Lessons Timeless

Marry Gloria Before it is Too Late

With that familiar fear in his eyes, Sam kept watch across the road. He could see straight into the house of his sweetheart, Gloria. She had just awakened, and looked as fresh as a daisy.

Sam had been watching her from a distance for years, but couldn’t muster the courage to go further, because the moment he tried going, his eyes would fall upon her father, who looked like a bloodthirsty monster!

Sam had lost precious years in this wait. Time was passing by; both Sam and Gloria were getting older.

Out of sheer desperation, and not knowing what to do, Sam shared his story with Gloria’s neighbour.

The neighbour, on hearing Sam’s tale of woe, burst out into fits of laughter. He informed Sam that the person who he was thinking to be the damsel’s father was a reflection of the father on the wall of their house. Because the wall was designed in a particular manner, his reflection looked ferocious. The neighbour further told Sam that her father was a very kind gentleman who was very keen to find a suitable groom for his daughter. The neighbour felt that her father would be most happy to meet Sam.

Sam regretted for having wasted precision time in his unfounded fear and without wasting any more approached the father and asked his daughter’s hand in marriage. The father was overjoyed; and before long, Sam married the beautiful Gloria.

This story reflects the life of many an investor, who out of fear of the stock market delays his or her investment.

The stock market is just like the monstrous looking reflection whom we all fear and stop ourselves from investing our money in the best asset class – equities. The father in our case in the nice and safe Indian economy.

So instead of getting caught up in our fear of the market (reflection) we should approach the economy (nice and sweet father) with confidence and without any fear.

Before we realise we will become smart equity investors and make ourselves future ready.

Happy investing.

Dharmendra Satapathy at NextLevel-Education