Mid Life Crisis का दर्द 

Mid Life Crisis का दर्द 

Mr. Vice President lives in a 3 cr. house. His monthly expenses are Rs 70k. It is a good lifestyle. People perceive him as a ‘successful’ person; as a ‘star’ executive.

But in reality he is under severe stress; Typical work related stress. Boss ke saath jam nahi raha. Targets are impossible to meet. The market is bad. Expectations are not realistic. The Board meeting is approaching. Colleagues are getting fired. Will it be his turn now?

What does he do?

His EMI alone is Rs 1 lac a month. What does he do if his job gets extinguished after the Board Meeting?

He spends days and nights thinking about his precarious condition. His BP is rising. His sugar levels are competing with his BP. He is feeling sick.

Days go by but there is no improvement in business.

Each day in the office feels like a year. Going to work feels very miserable.

Stress is mounting.

What happens to his children’s education if he loses his job? What will he do if he does not get another job? He is already 40 years of age and the market is looking for young talent. Why should someone hire him.

The new age companies may consider him very expensive and may not be able to meet his salary and position needs. And how can he work at a lower compromised position.

Will he even get a job in the first place. Why would someone younger than him in age want to hire someone older.

As such he has been reading in the media that the job situation is getting worse.

He just cannot think. Everywhere it appears dark and cloudy. His mind is completely paralysed.

Before he dies of a heart attack or commits suicide, he by chance meets a Financial Advisor who clears his clouded mind and gives him new hope and a new lease of life.

The Financial Advisor’s role is beyond offering products. The Financial Advisor’s role is to solve people’s problems.

Mr Vice President is advised to sell his house for Rs 3 cr. and continue to live in the same house without compromising his lifestyle.

He can invest the Rs 3 cr. in a mutual fund and every month withdraw Rs 80K for the rent ( the same house that costs Rs 3 cr.can be obtained on rent for Rs 80K )

He then can withdraw Rs 70K for living expenses. Thus he can withdraw a total of Rs 1.5 lac per month and live life in the same style without any compromise.

Mr. Financial Advisor tells Mr Vice President that at a 12% Equity returns (which is highly probable) and at 7% inflation(very realistic), he can maintain the same lifestyle for the next 43 years.

When Mr. Vice President realises this, his tension which was bearing heavily on his now ‘turned weak’ shoulders simply vanishes.

His energy returns. Creative juices resume their flow. The smile returns. The BP and Blood Sugar levels begin to fall. His desire to live gets a boost. He clearly gets a new lease of life because of Mr Financial Advisor’s counseling.

His positivity rubs off on his performance and ‘sales’ which was dwindling takes a break and does a U turn.

His positivity seems to be provide the fuel to rekindle and fire the business. The boss is happy. The board meeting goes well. His chances of getting a promotion improves.

But enough is enough for Me Vice President.

The raise, the promotion etc.have lost their magic on him. He no longer experiences the thrill that he once did in the past.

He has got his “calling” and he must follow the his dream.

Mr Vice President now has mustered the courage because he is now sure about his financial well being.

He feels liberated. He feels confident. This is Financial Freedom. It isn’t an elusive concept any longer. He need not have to wait any longer to experience this freedom. It is already with him. No waiting for tomorrow. No waiting for another day. Now is the time to strike. Now is the time.

Mr Vice President opens his laptop, opens MS Word. Then he opens a new document and writes ‘Resignation’ in the space provided for ‘subject’.

  • Jayant
    Posted at 01:14h, 17 October Reply

    Very nice article. Financial freedom is what everyone is looking forward, hence the role of a true Financial Advisor is to show the plethora of options available in MF industry to remove one’s worries with proven track record of various fund tracks.

  • S V Rama Raju
    Posted at 01:52h, 17 October Reply

    Excellent case study to understand the need/goals of Custmer..and give him a Suitable solution which helps him secured &pieaceful life. Thank you Sir .Really this help to thinkIFA s for giving suitable solutions to customer .

  • D N Prasad
    Posted at 03:27h, 19 October Reply


    This even the MFD should fallow.

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