5 Amazing Advantages for an IFA despite Lockdown and also after the Lockdown


1) You don’t deal in physical goods. Hence in your business you can practice 100% social distancing without affecting your revenue

2) In fact your revenue can increase because those clients who had a big ego and wanted you at their doorstep will now demand remote meetings. This will ensure that you can service and meet more clients and reduce your cost

3) You can do Socially Distanced IAP using Zoom etc. No physical IAP and hence no fear of stage fright and also less client cancellations as it is difficult to give excuses for missing online sessions.

4) It will be easier to convey concepts like moderate or optimum returns instead of maximum returns. People have seen how 100% dependent on Equity can cause injury to wealth.Asset Allocation and Rebalancing will be your tools that will ensure stability of client portfolio.You will need to sell more of safety and liquidity instead of returns. Isn’t it a lot easier to sustain safety more than returns?

5) You will now have the time to focus on self improvement and self investment which is the key to more success

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