NISM is launching, “The Mutual Fund Distributors Summit” on the 1st and 2nd of July, 2019 at the beautiful NISM premises at Patalganga. NISM has chosen Next Level Education and Kedia Academy as their marketing and execution partner.
The theme of the Summit is about adapting and adopting to a new world which is changing at a rate faster than ever before.
The Summit will focus on multiple asset classes for better diversification. This is a first of its kind summit for mutual fund distributors. The audience this year would comprise of 200 Mutual Fund Distributors from all over India
The theme of the event is “Multiple Assets Multiple Gains”
The summit discussions would focus on the need to understand multiple asset classes, better diversification strategies and better asset allocation strategies. In essence how to make one’s money work even harder and produce even better returns.
Business is undergoing rapid changes. An evolving economy is thrusting change on the ways we do business. Higher focus on business ethics, reducing profit margins, the threat posed by Robot advisory and direct investing etc.
Time has come for the Advisor to also evolve his or her business practices. Time has come when the Financial Advisor needs to operate as the next generation financial advisor by introducing evolved investment practices in the area of asset allocation and diversification.
The next generation advisory model will be based on Financial Planning and the ability of the advisor to make the most appropriate assets work for wealth creation of the investor. Different asset classes become relevant during different phases of the market. At times equities works brilliantly while at other times debt serves the investor extremely well.  However, there are other assets which are often over looked for want to relevant knowledge. For example commodities and currency are usually under exploited just because the advisor does not have the requisite knowledge. However, if one wishes to provide optimum service to one’s client, it is imperative to utilise the potential of each and every asset class.
Representatives from SEBI, CEO of AMFI and Commodity Exchanges, Director of NISM and leaders from Asset Management companies would be addressing the audience.
There would also be highly acclaimed motivational speakers from the world of  entrepreneurship to exhibit their “out of the box” thinking and strategies.
A gala evening flooded with high quality entertainment, fun and networking has been planned.

This isn”t any international convention centre. It”s the venue of the Multiple Assets Multiple Gains Summit 2019. World class state of the art facilities at the NISM New Patalganga campus.