Pacing Yourself…

Somewhere I read someone predicting NIFTY at 10,000 and moving towards 30000 and this story flashed before me.

A man was jogging at a comfortable pace; a healthy pace. He had no desires to go beyond earning himself some good health.

Then came another runner who caught up with him. As he ran along he started exhorting him to run a little faster because there was a lot of wealth kept a couple of kms ahead and if he wouldn’t then the others would take them all away.

Hearing this our man increased his pace.

Faster and faster her ran. His breathing got heavier and heavier as he ran faster and faster till a point where his body could not take it any longer.

It felt like some thunder bolt had passed through his spine. With a thud he collapsed.

This is the journey of several investors who are regularly influenced by media hype to invest more and more when markets are high.

The stories make one believe that the sun is shining bright and one must catch it before it sets.

So instead of continuing their SIP they participate with larger and larger lump sum investing till one day when markets make a U turn.

So instead of getting carried away continue your steady run over the hills and into the valleys till you get what constitutes your goal and nobody elses

We all have our pace to maintain because we all are different.

Dharmendra Satapathy at NextLevel-Education

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