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Plane and Train Story

There are 5 planes and one train for travel between Mumbai and Delhi. Clearly every plane would take about 2 hours and the train 17 hours. Instead of moving passengers from the train to any of the planes, everyone is so busy figuring out which plane can reach fastest.

Now the reaching of the plane is dependent on the weather conditions and the traffic conditions both of which are not in the control of the pilot. But still all energy is spent in trying to believe that there is something in the planes that will help them beat the others. But ironically nobody seems to bothered about the train which continues attracting customers who are in a sense unaware of the the opportunity of traveling by plane at nearly the same cost.

This story is repeated in the financial industry and nobody is still bothered.

While we are focusing on the mutual funds race, everybody seems so oblivious of the investors who in droves are stuck up in FDs.

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