Rajesh Hattangady

Rajesh Hattangady

Rajesh is a classic example of a self driven,meticulous, sharp thinking person. The quintessential entrepreneur – he has the knack of putting people at ease. He is contemporary and updated, his endeavor to be constantly ahead of times will help him catapult himself much ahead of others. Rajesh is well read and worldly wise. He is a thinker and his pursuit to be a cut above the rest is his speciality.He is undoubtedly one of the best in the business.

1. What is your view of our economy in the medium to long term?

I am an eternal optimist on our Country and it’s economy. With young demographics, ever increasing consumption, better lifestyles, overall better awareness amongst masses add to it our vibrant and vocal Democracy coupled with our cultural heritage and beliefs. This is the place to be IN

2. Is it a good time for entering the markets now? If yes what approach should the investor take?

As the cliché goes by “anytime is a good time to invest”, however in reality one needs to look within to ascertain this move. If one isn’t convinced about something, no matter how much logic or emotion one might bring on the table, it won’t work. According to me, one needs to participate not enter. It isn’t a cinema hall that one enters to exit soon. People need to enter via STP or SIP route to avail maximum mileage out of their investment in mutual funds.

3. What is the advantage of investing in a Mutual Fund vis a vis investing directly in stocks?

It helps us budget our cash flow by contributing steady flow of investments. Secondly it helps us overcome “anxiety syndrome” which is associated with equity markets. Trusting the professional fund manager and a good trustworthy AMC is much easier and reliable than trusting your neighbour or colleague on friendly and “solid” equity TIP. Market volatilites may make headlines, Mf NAV don’t change so dramatically. Mf investments are easy to understand and follow than equity, don’t THiiNK many understand technicals or fundamentals of equities. Most important is people overcome their GREED hunger while participating in markets

4. What is your approach to advisory?

I always associate the entire process to the alphabet “T”. And there are four parts to this.

  1. Part 1: Transaction, which could be in the form of monetary exchange or ideas.

  2. Part 2: Time has to be given to the transaction to show results. Hand holding clients becomes very important during this stage.

  3. Part 3: Trust is built, earlier than usual. If one sticks to the basics with conviction.

  4. Part 4: Testimony follows where business practices are ethical and clear.

The professionsl practise goes on auto pilot mode at his stage. However it’s easier said than done. The above steps requires lot of hard work, patience and perseverance. If persisted with we do get rewarded. Clients appreciate good and consistent work. Word of advice: keep reinventing self. As we like new clothes, better cuisines, so do clients. They need new approaches, newer ideas, innovative thoughts.*

5. How do you market your services?

Word of mouth. Clients are and will always remain our biggest advertisers. Their testimonials, feedbacks on camera or comments in our visitors book give clear message to prospects to entrust their money with us. We use social media for presence. We are present on almost all the platforms: linkedin to Facebook and Twitter to Instagram. Even our website is unique in its presentation, one won’t find any ready made images on it. Every important thing is depicted via charcoal sketches rendered by me. Interactions with clients at their work places help us tremendously in this direction too. Writing sketchblogs to YouTube video uploads help us further in marketing our stuff. We are soon coming out with customised merchandise too.

6. Do you conduct investor education programme? What is your approach to IAPs and what results have you experienced

We do conduct investor education programmes or IAP as it is widely known regularly. We have always approached these programmes as part of our contribution to our field of profession. One needs to do conduct them with full dedication and without any interest. Initially it’s hard to find results, but results do follow. Fortunately we have got excellent positive  results to the programmes conducted so far. We have been also conducting workshops and events like women’s day, where we have only dealt with our clients spouses and husbands were busy baby sitting. Innovative approaches do help. I conduct these programmes with only slides and without data or graphics and has been widely appreciated. Every month we do conduct smaller batches of 8-10 and share different aspects either related to finance or basics to follow and things to avoid in our financial journey. If one learns to be  like a teacher, we would be richer. Richer in experience and knowledge: money will automatically follow.

7. What are the future challenges and how does one overcome them?

Challenges? What are they? Questions and doubts in mind are challenges. I don’t and have never doubted my ability to serve my client and hence I don’t see any challenge in conducting my practise. It’s all in our mind. Whatever people or regulators throw at me won’t dent me from serving my client. For me it’s CLIENT and my people at office FIRST. I have always felt it’s no point discussing and debating on things beyond our control. It’s our business and our practices, and we have control on how to control and channelise it. Why fret? As IFA or RIA or anyone for that matter, it’s our mindset. If one is flexible in their thoughts and mind, actions will soon follow with results. Our acts are rewarded.

8  What is your key message for potential investors?

Keep the faith, if investors wouldn’t trust their own economy who would? Take time to understand basics and do act with conviction. Don’t be just a spectator, because spectators only make noise: simply participate! Be a player. Overcome emotions like greed and fear and replace them with discipline and consistency.

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