Resolution 2019

Resolution 2019

Resolution for 2019

1) Thou shall choose the right path instead of products.

2) Thou shall identify meaningful goals and take small steps towards them

3) Thou shall embrace volatility by using the knowledge and experience of your financial advisor as shock absorbers

4) Thou shall duck speculative ideas of overnight wealth creation and be guided into the long corridor to your goals

5) Thou shall focus on the process instead of the result. Keep walking even if the path seems boring

6) Thou shall exhibit immemse patience even if it may at times seem like nonsense

7) Thou shall not get distracted by events recent or past

8) Thou shall not follow the herd because their the glory of another ain’t your story

9) Thou shall be a disciple of discipline and a soldier of investing marching forward tirelessly

10) Thou shall be guided by knowledge and the experience of a good financial advisor

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