How to get new customers

Conducting Investor awareness programmes

The results of the IAP research are interesting and insightful.

Of the 310 respondents , 164 or 53% are doing IAPs. 

177 or 69% of respondents have either benefitted or perceive that such activities will help in expanding their business.

To conclude one an say that 100% of those who have done IAPs have experienced business growth. 

This means IAPs have become a significant strategy for business expansion.

Conducting Investor Awareness programmes have the following benefits:

1. It enhances the knowledge of the IFA

2. It enhances the communication skills of the IFA

3. It enhances the presentation skills of the IFA

4. It enhances the personal brand value of the IFA

5. It creates opportunities to build new relationships

6. It helps in acquiring new customers

(however please note that IAP isn’t a platform to close business. Treat it as a platform to acquire database and build relationship. Engage with the new audience by way of providing further education and have the patience for the customer to approach you)

Some of the comments that were recorded during the survey are attached below. You may like to read and understand what other IFAs have to say about doing Investor Awareness Programmes

Some of the reasons IFAs don’t do Investor Awareness Programmes are:-

1. Stage fear and lack of confidence – This has to be addressed by undergoing coaching and         showing initiative and determination

2. Lack of conviction and laziness – The results of this survey should change that

If you are serious about the profession and wish to be in this profession for the next decade or two, then conducting Investor Awareness Programmes has to become an integrated part of your business development strategy.

Conducting Investor Awareness Programme is a “must” and “necessary” condition for business success.

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After Client Referral, IAP is the 2nd best client acquisition tool for the IFAs, other than client acquisition IFAs get first hand experience of public speaking . Therefore resulting in sharping of their communication skills and Personality development is an added advantage.

I had an issue in iaps, the turnout ratio is very less. For eg. When i invite 150+ ckients, hardly 25-30 really attends, Can u help me to resolve this issue

I have just started around 3 months back and I run IAP since I started using social media. Many people and their friends have joined my network and they like my messages, conversion is on slower side but sooner or later they will get convert.

I think IAP is a useful, but due to some reason I didn’t.In future I will do it and give my experience

I have not done any individually conducted IAP program, but for my insurance business done some canopy activity, which has helped me in generating business in Insurance as well as in MF. Through a National Distributor called some existing clients on IAP which helped them to strengthen their trust in MF. Would love to know how & what kind of support I can get if wants to conduct IAP in corporate or in societies.

I have been into MFD Since 11 years. Each year my business has grown Only thru Word of Mouth. I don’t even request my existing clients for referrals. They have appreciated my clean style of functioning and brought in their friends. I have just been a friend in need to each one of them. My trail income keeps growing as my retention is 99% .. I have believed in quality not size of AUM.

IAP is very useful tool to acquire new contacts which can be later converted into investor. But the expense done by AMC is very higher in compare to results we get. So IAP cost must be decreased.

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