Results of Misplaced Attachments in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata…

Results of Misplaced Attachments in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata…

Quite thought provoking indeed…

  1. Dhritarashtra was attached to his eldest son. Result : The destruction of all his sons.
  2. Kaikeyi was attached to her son. Result: Despised by her son and separated from him.
  3. Dushasana was attached to his brother Duryodhan. Result: His painful end due to his brother.
  4. Kumbhakarna was attached to Ravana. Result: His own destruction due to Ravana’s evil deed.
  5. Duryodhana was attached to his crown. Result: Was not alive to enjoy the kingdom that he fought for.
  6. Baali was attached to his strength. Result: His strength could not protect him from reaching his end.

The list goes on. But what is the learning?

  1. Whatever we are attached to is a clear indication of where we our life is heading and how it is going to end.
  2. We create the blue print of not only our own destruction but also of whatever we are attached to .

So what is the solution?

  • Be attached!!
  • But just change the object of attachment.
  • Be like HANUMAN – who was only attached to the Lord.
  • Be like VIDURA – who was only attached to Dharma.

So, remember

  1. This will automatically make us objective and detached from everything else and we will be positive contributors to society as well.
  2. In personal finance, till such time we are attached to money, our greed and fear between themselves will wreck huge destruction upon our money by making us insatiable speculators.
  3. Hence stop chasing money, chase meaningful goals like children’s education, their marriage, their career, your retirement, your dream business, your desire to give back to the society.
  4. Any of these is better than chasing money for the sake of money.

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