Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings

Roots & Wings

Investing and parenting are both alike.

We need to provide our children and our investment with both Roots and Wings.

Roots ensure that we provide our children with the right Values and help them discover their life’s Purpose.

Roots with regards to Investment is to provide the Right Goals which define the Investor’s Life Journey.

Having provided the Roots, we need to also provide the Wings which provide them (children & investment) the Freedom to Grow and at this point in time what is of utmost importance is that we display the right amount of Patience to see them flourish.

However, if we have not provided the Roots, the Children and Investment both will sooner rather than later come down crashing.

While the Parent is responsible to provide the Roots to Children the Financial Advisor is one who is responsible to provide the Roots to his Client’s Investment.

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