Sales Technique 25

Sales Technique 25

Here is an excerpt from the book

“How I raised myself from Failure to Sucess in Selling” by Frank Bettger

This book is a must read for every IFA.

The paragraph below leaves behind a lasting lesson in sales.

Here is what Frank Bettger says in his book

Here is a question I have used countless timies: “How did you ever get started in this business, Mr. Roth?”

A man will generally answer: “Well, that’s a long story.”

When a man begins to open up and talk about his own business, I am always fascinated to hear how he got started; his small beginning; his many difficulties; how he overcame them. It is a great romance to me. It is a greater romance to him.

He rarely finds anyone interested enough to want to hear all about it. He loves to tell his story if you encourage him.

If you are really interested, and seem to be benefiting by his experiences, he’ll sometimes go into great detail.

After I leave him, I make notes of many of these things: where he was born, his wife’s name, names of his children, his ambitions, and hobbies. I have these records on cards in my files dating back twenty-five years.

Sometimes men are astonished that I remember so much about them.

Being really interested in people has been of great help to me in opening up many warm and lasting friendships.

There seems to be something magic in this question: “How did you ever get started in this business?”

It has frequently helped me get favorable interviews with hard-boiled prospects who were too busy to see me.

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    Wonderful message. Thanks Dharmendra ji

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    Posted at 16:47h, 26 February Reply

    A right habit to be followed by a sales person may have good relationship

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    Good one

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