Srikanth Matrubai

Srikanth Matrubai

Social Media is fundamentally changing the way investors are looking to search for a competent Financial advisor.

The numbers are rising every year. It is the “IN” thing now.

Its a great way to turn readers into your investors and even create your own brand ambassodors.

And good quality original content can establish you as an EXPERT and give you presence way beyond your imagination.

Michael Kitces, one of the World’s top Advisor has revealed that his Income has quadrupled which he attributes to his Social Media Presence.

Accenture in a report titled REIMAGINING WEALTH MANAGEMENT FOR THE DIGITAL AGE revealed that

  1. More than 74% of Financial Advisors have increased AUM via Social Media
  2. More than 50% have found new clients via Social Media

Putnam Investments in a recent survey found that 81% of Financial Advisors are using Social Media to retain existing clients and get new clients and most importantly 79% of IFAs got NEW clients through Social media..

This just only proves what has already been widely perceived.

Social Media is here to stay and we Financial Advisors have to maximise use of this to improve our AUM.

Social Media mainly consists of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin but most importantly your own Blog and even the highly impactful WHATSAPP.

Yes. Whatsapp will hit the investor on his Face.

You need to use both the Whatsapp and Blog/Website to help your reader to solve a problem or increase their awareness and thus convert them into your Fan firstly and then your Investor.

A well thought out message/article with high quality content has the ability to convert your readers into your clients.

  1. Twitter is for establishing your Image.
  2. Linked in is for Immediate Networking.

Each has its specialisation and we should use accordingly.

And, I personally believe that there should be a human touch and posting some personal information is definitely recommended but it should be limited and restricted

BUT, that doesn’t mean that you plunge headlong into Social Media right here, right now.

Take your time and pause before hitting that ENTER button.


Whatsapp lets you answer your investors queries in real time. It lets you show to your investors, how much you really care.

But there are some simple rules one must keep in mind. These being:-

  1. Share only RELEVANT content.
  2. Dont post personal wishes and junk your group
  3. Divide your investors into different groups like
    3. NEW COMER,
    4. Internal Communication
  4. Have a Broadcast list for those who are not interested to be added in a Group.MOST IMPORTANTLY, remember Whatsapp IS FOR EXISTING investors and not to solicit new ones. NO one likes messages coming from an unknown Advisor.
  5. Focus on educating rather than showing off.


  1. Post case studies that investors can “connect”.
  2. Be consistent both in terms of number of posts and also your stand on the kind of investments/funds that you promote.
  3. AVOID comments on specific funds.

You need to understand that LIFESPAN of Facebook, Twitter is very short.

It’s your Blog/own website that will have longer lifespan and this is where you should focus maximum on.

Focus on not just good content, but GREAT content….people will share it…and this will ensure that your presence will grow exponentially and thus your AUM

Best of luck,

Srikanth Matrubai

CEO, Srikavi Wealth

About the author:

Srikanth Matrubai has been an active investor & advisor in the Stock markets since 1991 and hence is hugely experienced having witnessed the Bull, Bear and Flat Markets.

Srikanth has been highly proactive in Social Media promoting investments in Equity Markets via the Mutual Fund route as he believes that Mutual Funds are the best mode to generate Healthy returns.

Srikanth Matrubai is an AMFI Certified Mutual Fund Advisor and a certified IRDA Corporate Broker and is pursing CFP

His blog was ranked as India’s BEST Investment Advise blog by the US Research ETF Database.

He regularly contributes with his insightful writings to various websites like Advisorkhoj, CafeMutual, IFA Insights, Bank Bazaar on various topics ranging from Mutual Funds, Insurance, Personal Finance,etc

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