Some Important Lessons

Some Investment Lessons that emerges out of current scenario:-

1) Investment isn’t only about returns

2) Investment isn’t only about Equity

3) Investment without advice is most risky

4) Investment is about peaceful returns with focus upon downside protection

5) Investment is about asset allocation but asset allocation too needs to sentiment based and not a mathematical formul

6) Investment is the means to happiness and not richness

7) Investment is about achieving the optimum mix from out of the 3 key ingredients

a) client’s goals,
b) his standard of living and
c) his corpus

8) Investment is about living well and dying well and not living poor and dying rich

9) Investment is about helping a client identify his or her purpose and then ascertaining the goals

10) Investment is about improving lives

11) Investment is about succession planning and money protection

12) First sell safety and then procure Equity

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