Start. Don’t keep thinking

Start. Don’t keep thinking

Nadal vs Federer went down to the wire.

The two of them reminded me of two large cap funds from two reputed. companies.

1) The question is how do you select.

2) The answer is don’t select.

3) Just pick one.

1) One or the other would remain ahead during various phases of the match but you can’t say which one. Likewise on the two large cap funds one or the other would stay ahead during the investment journey of 15 years.

2) Past performance means nothing. Else Federer would have won the second set and Rafa the third.

3) At the end in both cases there will be one winner but can you say which one? Never.

4) Even if you happen to be on the losing side, you still are with a champion and would have made nearly the same number of points. Likewise whichever fund you are in your returns would be similar even if not exactly the same.

5) In such cases both are champions and represent the ultimate standards of perseverance, ultimate standards of skills, ultimate standards of patience, ultimate standards spirit.

In case of the two large cap funds are both champions and represent a robust economy called India.

  1. 6) Hence no point thinking. Just start investing.

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