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Story of Jaya and Vijaya – Learning Finance from Mythology

According to a story from Bhagavata Purana, the four Kumaras, Sanaka, Sanandana, Sanatana, and Sanatkumara were the Manasaputras of Brahma.  Once they visited Vaikuntha, the abode of Vishnu, to see him.

Due to the strength of their tapasya, the four Kumaras appear to be mere children, though they were of great age. Jaya and Vijaya, the gatekeepers of the Vaikuntha interrupted the Kumaras at the gate, thinking them to be children. They also told the Kumaras that Sri Vishnu was, resting and that they couldn’t meet Him at that time. The enraged Kumaras replied that Lord Vishnu is available for His devotees at any time, and cursed Jaya and Vijaya to lose their divinity, and be born as mortals on Earth; to live like ordinary human beings.

When Vishnu appeared before them, the gatekeepers requested the Lord to lift the curse of the Kumaras from upon them. Vishnu replied that the curse of Kumaras couldn’t be reversed. Instead, He gave Jaya and Vijaya two options. The first option was to take seven births on earth as devotees of Vishnu and live like a common men; while the second option was to take three births as His enemy. After serving either of these sentences, they could re-attain their stature at Vaikuntha and be with Lord Vishnu permanently. Jaya and Vijaya couldn’t think of staying away from Vishnu for seven lifetimes. So they choose to be born  on Earth thrice, even though it would have to be as enemies of Vishnu.

In the first life they were born as Hiranyakashipu and Hiranyaksha. In their second life they were born as Ravana and Kumbhakarna.  In their third life as Shishupala and Dantavakra; and were killed by Vishnu, and subsequently, lived with Him in Vaikunta forever as promised.

Jaya and Vijaya, took the risk of taking birth of rakshasas, even though they had the choice to live as unproblematically as common men for a longer term. Because they knew that they can go back to Vaikuntha faster and they were happy to be killed by the lord.

When it comes to the world of investment, the investor who chooses to take risks like Jaya Vijaya, and invest in Equities, can reach their goal faster, even though they may have to face the risk of volatility. Those investors who choose to play safe and invest in FDs, will take a longer time to achieve their goals; and may not be able to beat that demon called Inflation.

Moral of the Story:  There is nothing called risk-free in this world. You may have to face risk in some form or the other.  You need to take risks when you perceive potential benefits. The returns are commensurate with the risk taken.

The Author of this story is  Mr K V Muralidhara

Mr. Muralidhara started his career as a tax consultant after serving few corporate in the capacity of Finance Manager.  Due to his sheer interest in financial markets, he has diversified his activities into insurance and mutual fund advisory, after getting qualified by IRDA and NISM. Presently he is the proprietor of WealthGrow Finserv which advises its clients on taxation, insurance and mutual funds. He is also a freelance trainer in the field of financial services. As a trainer he has conducted over 160 sessions covering various topics for IFAs and corporate employees across South India. Muralidhara has been proactive in Social Media promoting investments in Mutual Fund and also educating his clients. He believes that Mutual Funds investment is best way to create wealth and also investor’s education is the key to grow your business.

Re-edited by Anamitra Dasgupta at NextLevel-Education