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 My friend D N Prasad is a Mutual Fund Distributor from Mysuru. I have given his example in my programmes because he follows a unique style of advisory. He gets into his client’s problem area whether it is finance related or non finance and helps to solve the problem. By serving his client from his heart, he is earned their good will and has emerged as a very confident advisor. He is one of the few people who is least worried about “Direct”, “Robot Advisory”, “Disclosure” or any other regulation that  others see as a problem.
Here is a small example of his style of serving clients narrated by Mr D N Prasad himself. 
“One of My client in 2014, wanted to replace her car. She had already selected the brand.  However, looking at the opportunity in Mutual Fund investing, I suggested that she invest in UTI Mid-cap fund, and she followed my advice and deferred her car purchase.
Yesterday, I asked her to redeem the ₹10 lac invested in 2014 which was ₹22 lac.
Now, she is buying the same brand car + a small car for her daughter + every month she will get ₹5000/- for maintenance of car from the Systematic Withdrawal Plan for the entire life of the car.”
 What a beautiful example.
Kudos to Mr D N Prasad who keeps his client’s need foremost in his mind. I have learnt from him in the past and continue to learn from him even today. 

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