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In business we have two choices; to act or not to act

1) To act is to spend on marketing, to act is to spend on relationship building, to act is to spend on self learning, to act is to have an office, to act is to decide to have not just an office but to have a good office, to activate is to hire staff, to act is to hire not just staff but to hire the MBA kind of staff etc.

By doing so we acquire the power to influence the ecosystem and shape opinions and perceptions about ourselves; about who we are and turn our spends into ‘return’ bearing investment.

2) To do nothing is to take no action is to spend nothing. By doing so, one may feel they have been prudent. After all who can debate the virtues of ‘saving’. But it does not work in this context.

Because for a business person the ‘savings’ mindset is a vicious circle that can trap both him and his business growth.

Because while one may be postponing his or her ‘spends’ and believing that such silence keeps one isolated, the truth is altogether something else.

The ecosystem looks at you and draws inferences of its own. One’s inaction shapes opinions as much as one’s action would.

It will in all likelihood make people see him or her as an unsuccessful businessman, a wannabe entrepreneur who has lost his way and does not know what is to be done; someone slow and confused and destined to be doomed.

The natural outcome would be to stay away from building any business bridges with such as person. After all who wants to deal with unsuccessful people especially when it comes to doing business.

He who chooses the path of business enterprise, has no choice but to drive along the path.

And to drive he needs fuel. It is not a choice but a compulsion. Hiring, training and marketing etc is the fuel that will drive him along the path faster and save him immense time to make more wealth.

We must measure every action on the basis of the ‘time’ that action saves us. This is the best measurement of success.

a) Training saves us time because in a couple of days you are able to absorb the knowledge of several books. Alternately you would read and understood all of that in a few years.

b) In Marketing one saves time because one is able to influence several people instead of influencig one person at a time.

c) In hiring one saves ‘time’
simply by buying the ‘time’ of others

In all of the above instances one has no option but to spend money.

Because the outcome of spending is a combination of ‘skills’ purchased and ‘time’ saved which is the fuel to make one’s business to travel faster on the path to success.

After all, none of us have been blessed with unlimited ‘time’. We have to achieve our goals and we have finite ‘time’ to achieve it.

So either we take control of the reins and position ourselves or else we allow the world to position us in the way the world deems fit.

In business stagnant ‘cash’ is poison like stagnant water. It has no meaning unless it flows.

Dream, think but don’t forget to ACT

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