The Sunday and Monday Discussion…

The Sunday and Monday Discussion…

Sunday and Monday were both having a discussion.

Monday said that,”both of us are similar in every sense but why is it that people hate me and love you?

Sunday thought a bit about what he had just heard and then everything got very clear to him and he spoke and how,

“I allow people their space.
You block their space.

I allow them freedom.
You want to captivate them.

I allow them to start the day at their own pace. You want to make them keep pace with you.

I allow them to be amongst trees and flowers. You want them to be between walls.

I allow them to listen to songs.
You make them dance to your tune.

I allow them to sing their songs.
You expect them to be silent listeners.

I allow them to lead.
You want them to follow.

I give them love.
You love to command.

I provide them natural air.
You suffocate them with conditioned air.

I don’t impose any conditions.
You want them to be conditioned to your wishes.

People love freedom.
People want love.
People want to express themselves.
People want to be creative to experiment.

I allow them all of that which they want.
You allow them all of that which you want.”

Now I hope you know why they love me and why they hate you.

Happy Monday Morning Meeting.

Dharmendra Satapathy at NextLevel-Education

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