Ten Commandments During Falling Markets

Ten Commandments During Falling Markets


1) Markets aren’t meant to go your way all the time, and that’s perfectly OK. Risk is the soil upon which returns will mushroom

2) Pick your investment strategy wisely. Invest where it matters. Based on your goals, corpus, age you need to pick the right strategy. If you have done that well then crashing markets will always work for you

3) Trying too much or doing too much backfires in investing. Allow patience to win the money game

4) Failure is a part of investing. Failure is the seed that delivers success

5) Fear of failure is the investor’s biggest enemy because investing mistakes happen in market crashes

6) Life problems are the genesis of investing and all problems were never meant to be resolved during the crash period

7) No fund, no investment strategy, no asset allocation approach is perfect. It’s all mediocre and constantly evolving. That is what makes the role of a Financial Advisor indispensable

8) It’s important to stop and be content with what your wealth. Pursuing maximization of your wealth all the time will deprive you of invaluable joy.

9) Hard times in the markets and economy are a defining part of your wealth. The actions you take in hard times shapes your future life

10) And that caring less about each and every asset class will only lead to better focus on what asset mix makes the most sense for you as an investor. Your asset mix works as suspensions to absorb the pain of the crash

  • Kamla Tambi
    Posted at 21:39h, 16 March Reply

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  • Kamla Tambi
    Posted at 21:41h, 16 March Reply

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