The contamination of profession

It is not a surprise any more that money has become the reason for every profession

Whether you are a lawyer, architect, doctor or entrepreneur the drive is more in the direction of revenue.

While earning money because of the value we bring to customers is certainly the balancing factor for any profession but the quest for money as a priority has clearly contaminated many a profession.

A doctor forgetting that curing diseases is his or her priority, the architect forgetting that building amazing structures is his or her priority and the lawyer forgetting that delivering justice is his or her priority leads to bastardization of professions

All this stems from ignorance about the power of money. People have no clue about the power of their money and have no idea when to put a lid on their greed.

This calls for knowledge building by way of education in the area of personal finance.

If people took time out to ascertain the power of their money and understand how their money works for them, their frustrations arising out of the fear that they will outlive their money will vanish along with their desperation to make money for the sake of making money.

If society has to be saved it’s high time people learn about

1) how money can become a primary source of passive income

2) how passive income frees up time to bring the best out of every profession

3) how every professional can discover his or her identity as a nation builder

4) how one’s ‘well being’ need not come at the cost of adultering his or her profession

It takes 20 years for a young man or woman to attain financial freedom which is possible by disciplined and regular investing. SIP is an amazing tool towards this goal.

And please be informed that a sum of Rs 1 crore can provide basic and respectful lifestyle for 40 to 50 years.

Let’s understand money to undsrstand life and living and thereby understand who we are and what is our purpose of living.

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