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THiiNK with Charcoal Man

Rajesh Hattangady, residing at Thane, Maharashtra —-

Rajesh Hattangady, residing at Thane, Maharashtra is one of the new generation modern IFAs who offers amazing insights to the advisory business. He is a B.Com graduate from R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai and Management from Welingkar College, Mumbai. His company is called  THiiNK and it is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company. He was awarded the MFRT Samman award in 2015.

Post graduation Rajesh began his career by serving his father in his dyes and chemical business but unfortunately the business came under stress due to several external factors and had to be closed down.Because of his “commerce” background, he decided to jump into the financial advisory arena. One of Rajesh’s secret recipe, if I may say so, is his approach of looking at every adversity as an opportunity and this quality of his gives him energy to bounce back time and again.

Today, THiiNK handles more than 1500 individual clients for their personal investment and insurance needs. THiiNK is present at Thane and is branching out to Bangalore and Pune soon. THiiNK serves most of their clients through a mix of both online and offline platforms and therefore have clients across India and also abroad. Initially Rajesh did a lot of road side activities like distributing pamphlets etc but referrals brought him almost 90% of his business. Nothing can beat “customer experience” and “word of mouth” marketing.

According to Rajesh, the “Mutual funds business” has opportunity for everyone. The need is to focus on market development and grow the pie. India is an under penetrated market and instead of fighting for market share one must look to grow the size of the pie by way of educating people to move from traditional instruments to modern day solutions. Thus strong client engagement is the need of the hour.With the changing mindsets and young demographics, the financial world is set to ply a very significant role in the lives of people.

Personal touch, some creativity along with technology can make the client’s investment journey a very gratifying for him or her.

Rajesh believes in providing the best advice and processes to his customers. He got his firm THiiNK ISO 9001:2008 certified at a time when entry loads were removed and most believed ISO certification was meant only for manufacturing units. Instead of worrying about loss of revenues, Rajesh invested in his business. Rajesh says, “pro-activeness rather than reactiveness helps”. There isn’t any point cribbing over actions done by any external forces.

Rajesh understands that client’s biggest need is to have a qualified, educated, trusted human interface when it comes to managing his or her money. This human interface or human connect shall always remain crucial for the investor. Therefore if one focuses upon providing high quality engagement and service then there is no need to fear the emergence of technology and direct investing. Simply give your best and be with clients and serve them well.

Rajesh is a master sketcher using charcoal. He uses this skill beautifully in his business by using his own sketches in client communication such as greeting cards etc. He also beautifully expresses financial education through his sketches. His clients have developed a special bond towards him because of this different and creative approach. Right from websites to WhatsApp “thank you messages” and even the “presentations” carry his stamp of charcoal sketches”.

In the words of Mr Hattangady, “My idea to draw charcoal sketches is to simplify the financial jargon and also to communicate social messages. Through this process I have been able to build the THiiNK brand. Clients always acknowledge one’s skill even if they are not directly linked to investing. In fact such skill breaks the monotony and helps build a much stronger connect with the clients. Initially my clients thought the sketches were drawn by a professional but once they knew it was my own creation, the conversations shifted from returns or the best funds to other interesting things that helped in fostering relationship.  Once one client said that he would never question the person who has conveyed so much through the sketches. In fact my client’s wait for new sketches to be released. A visit to our office is like walking into an art gallery. Clients feel relaxed in this environment leading to more meaningful discussions rather than mere evaluations. I would encourage every IFA to use his or her unrelated skills to foster client relationship. It works like magic. Clients find you interesting and that helps to build trust and business”

Some business recommendations that Rajesh would like to make for his IFA friends are as under:-

  1. Always face every situation head on.
  2. Innovate by using what may appear as unrelated skills
  3. Everything happens for the good. If one serves the clients, the clients will serve you in return.
  4. Always keep your doors open. A 5 star hotel never closes it’s door for business, be open for your clients (small or big)
  5. Never hesitate to walk the talk. Invest in the instruments you advice.
  6. No work is big or small. Be ready to roll up your sleeve and work with fellow colleagues.
  7. Trust your employees first, your clients will trust you.
  8. Don’t imitate others, identify your strengths and create your own identity
  9. Don’t sell, provide solutions.
  10. Target mindshare of the client, not the market share.
  11. Don’t sit in the glass chambers. Reaching out gets you business, lethargy gets you excuses.
  12. Embrace technology and reinvent
  13. Learn to earn. Invest in your business and on yourself.
  14. Build your brandSome of Rajesh’s work is here for you to see and enjoy.


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Excellent personality. More to take away from his devotion towards his clients.
We will really input his ideas for IFA community.
Hats off. A inspiration personality

Namaskar Mr Parab, while we remain focussed on our personal growth don’t lose focus on the most important reason for growth : client. Don’t falter, keep doing good and with consistency. Success is assured

Congratulations. This is only a baby step in the business. You have to climb ladders one by one .And one day you have to be on the top .

Incredible journey by Rajesh. I have seen him bloom. He has the potential to take this journey to far greater heights

Very inspiring story. It reinforces the power of positive thinking and building on one’s own special strength.

Thanks Dharamji for your continued advice and inputs which are of immense value to us in our practice as well as in our life

Very unique personality. Right approach to business and practice. Wish success follows him for many many years.

Reliable personality, I can put my blind faith.. I should have met him 10 yrs earlier to better manage my funds!!

Inspired by Rajesh’s successful journey.My congratulations to him for his achievements.
Upendra Sheth

Interesting writeup on an innovative educator on money matters for individuals. He makes himself approachable because he is very much down to earth, focuses on what is best for an individual on a long term. As he doesn’t advocate any get-rich-quick ideas he comes across as a reliable long-term financial adviser-cum-friend. His suggestion to the IFA colleagues too is novel & practical, not from a pedestal. Wish you all the best, Rajesh. Gurudatt Kundapurkar

Thank You for your kind words Mr Gurudutt. Remaining grounded is one of the best virtues to imbibe, for the higher you go increases the distance between us and our clients. The financial journey isnt a solo journey, it is enjoyable only when we travel alongwith our clients.

Dear Nikhil, customers don’t want technical or jargoned language. All they need is someone who understands them and one who can communicate in the same language they know of. Discover your strength and walk alongwith your client. Journey is bound to be memorable

Very true whatever you said… Clients.. They trust us…. They need customer service… And yes of course…. If we are honest with them…. Trust level automatically grows….

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