Vikram betaal

Top Down Bottom Up

While Vikram was walking through

While Vikram was walking through a forest, the ‘Betaal’ landed upon his strong shoulders and threatened to ¬†crush his head unless Vikram explained the meaning of ‘Top Down and Bottom Up style’ of investing.

The brave and handsome Vikram smiled and in an easy and nonchalant manner explained,”when you want to get married and are looking for a girl, you follow the top down and bottom up approach.

You first decide upon the religion, the caste, the family social status etc. This first round of filtering is the ‘top down’ style of selection.

Having done this, you start meeting girls. The act of meeting and selecting the girl from among those who meet the “top down” criteria is known as ‘bottom-up’ selection.”

‘Betaal’ seemed pleased and Vikram appeared as usual confident and full of grace.

‘Betaal’ smiled and said,”Vikram, your answered saved you this time. I am going now but will meet you another day with another question. Be prepared.”

Having said these words, ‘Betaal’ took off and quickly disappeared in the forest.

Vikram continued to walk through the forest with the confidence that befitted a brave king.

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