Vada Pav Ke Saath IAP

Bhavesh Seth, a member of our Financial Pathshala, doing an investor awareness program along with Vada Pav at his office.

Investor Awareness Program is a very effective way to acquire new customers.

Investor Awareness Program helps in enhancing your brand value, making people perceive you as an expert.It enhances both confidence and knowledge and makes you a true advisor.

Never use investor awareness programs to close a sale.

Use the program instead to educated and collect feedback, get permission to send education material through WhatsApp, get permission for future meetings and get references of friends who could be invited for future investor awareness programs. Hence the feedback form is one of the most important documents in such programs

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We had heard of chai pe charcha, it’s now vadapav ke saath IAP. What a way to connect to prospects & clients with the humble food. Something that everyone can coorelate with. I will take the liberty in saying “investor ki Dil take a raasta uski pet se hokar niklega”. Keep it up Bhavesh.

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