Be a Financial Advisor like Virat
A real professional faces defeat with a smile. A real professional knows that moving ahead does not mean anger, envy and frustration.

It takes courage to keep rage under check and appreciate the Champions of the day.

While most Indians were fuming, vomiting venom etc, the skipper who perhaps most hurt of all had smiles on his face.

In the world of investing and personal finance, markets can crash; one can have a miserable day.

Most investors are likely to exhibit despair, irritation and anger which only draws them further into making more blunders.

In times like these you need a good Financial Advisor with a temperament like Virat Kohli to say, “it was a bad day, we did nothing so wrong, it happens, we need to see what best can be done and move on. All is well in the long term. Let’s not lose focus.”

For a Financial Advisor, there was a lot to learn from Virat’s conduct after the massive loss and hope investors have understood the need of a Financial Advisor as a manager of their behaviour in adverse conditions that they do not understand as well.

I don’t know about the others but Virat taught me a good lesson.

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